Fleet Management Services


The most unique service in our portfolio, it is mainly aimed to cater for corporate that run vehicle fleets in house and also outsource transport logistical services.  We at Pems Autozone have realized that companies with in-house vehicle fleets may experience losses or inefficiency in fleet performance as a result of one or more of the below reasons among others:
  • Poor or outdated fleet management policy
  • Fleet complement and purpose/use
  • Fleet maintenance policy
  • Fleet upgrade policy
  • Fleet running cost analysis e.t.c.
  • Lack of proper fleet supervision and monitoring tools
  • Lack of proper or outdated internal fleet management procedures
  • High unwarranted outsourcing costs
  • High unwarranted maintenance costs e.t.c.
  • Use of outdated fleet management administration programmes
The end result of poor policy formulation and administrative practices is increases operational fleet costs, creation of pilferage loopholes, reduced lifespan of fleet e.t.c
At Pems Autozone, we believe that professional fleet management practices are achievable for any corporation or organization that owns a fleet or procures transport logistical services. To this end we offer the below services:
  • Fleet financial assessment and operational efficiency analysis
  • Fleet upgrade, outsourcing and finance consultancy
  • Corporate fleet management policy formulation and implementation
  • Supplier outsourcing, service provision and cost analysis and consultation
  • Fleet management software development among other services
With this service we strive to enhance performance of our client’s fleets and create higher levels of efficiencies in fleet management and transport logistics outsourcing.