Transfer Services


For ground logistics, we offer the below services:
Airport transfer services
We have a fleet of comfortable vehicles that are used for the transfers. These are mainly saloon vehicles with complement of tour vans in cases of group transfers. VIP vehicles are also available upon request.
These services are offered to our corporate and individual clients. Our vehicles operate 24hours a day for transfers to all parts of the city and its surroundings.
Chauffer services
We provide chauffer services upon clients request to meet their specifications. This range from 1 day disposals, monthly disposals or lease disposals on contracted rates. These services have proven popular especially with clients who do not want to incur the burden and hustle of having to employ additional staff to man the leased vehicles and have schedules that necessitate a lot of movement.
This service is offered on any class of vehicle. We have a dedicated team of professional chauffeurs who deliver this service.
Shuttle services 
In cases where clients need transportation for bigger groups, we provide shuttle services for 7 seater, 25 seater and 29 seater vehicles. This can be in form of airport transfers, half day disposal, full day disposal or longer contracted durations.
Conference and events transport logistics services
We also offer transport logistics services for special events such as conferences, seminars, weddings and other large functions that require a large fleet of vehicles and specialized planning and coordination. 
Tours, safaris and excursion transport logistics services
We also provide transport and logistical support for tours and safaris. For this we mainly target tour operators though requests from corporate are also taken attended to. We handle excursion transport requests that involve traversing the country and even venturing into neighboring countries.
All our vehicles are under comprehensive insurance cover, and are licensed as Public Service Vehicles, with a generous cover for Passenger Legal Liability.